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This weekend was huge for GCC. We figured out how to train our set up and tear down teams! We have grown so fast it has been hard to get a handle on this MAJOR issue. It only took three years but I think we hit on something that works for us this weekend. Karen Grizzard and Katrina Watts made the plan, our set up team leaders did the training, and IT WORKED! Here at Grace Community we rent Rossview High School each week so that means each week we have to set up and then tear down all our environments. We have amazing volunteers but it has been so difficult to ask new volunteers to come into the system and know what to do. If you are in a church that rents space you know how this goes. Here is what we did! We had dinner and training for our set up team Saturday night then we had lunch and training for the tear down team Sunday afternoon and dedicated time to both these teams. Why it took us three years to figure this out I am not sure but it worked. I think the fact that we have moved venues several times hurt our training process. We also thought we could train on Sunday mornings…THAT IS VERY HARD…this scared off many volunteers because it seemed so fast and confusing. We needed the extra time to encourage, and allow time for questions as we trained.

Here were the keys…provided food, designated time, allowed for tons of questions, and had a system that made sense in place before we did the training. ALSO the one thing we would do different is promote MORE. We evaluated the event today and we know we think we have a WINNER in this plan.

I think we will have a facility ONE DAY here at GCC but not having one and renting space makes us seek to be efficient, trust God, and equip volunteers to pull this off each week. Thanks to all of you out there who volunteer each week at your church. Thanks to all of you who serve at GCC! Because of you people encounter God each week in our gatherings. It is worth it!