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We made it through another Halloween. The kids had a great time, the Vol’s beat South Carolina, and our family had some great time together. For me it was a good night. I think Halloween is a good night for America in general. I know you might be rolling your eyes if you grew up talking about Satan worship and the dark arts of Halloween, but hear me out on this idea of Halloween being a good thing for America. Halloween is one of best family/ community nights of the year for MOST families. It is a built in night where we get to connect with our KIDS! Do not miss that…we get to make memories with our KIDS and they love us being a part of it. Think what you want to about scary movies and the dark parts of Halloween but come on, making memories with our kids is what it is about. The other amazing aspect of Halloween to me is the fact that I get to connect with my neighbors on Halloween on a different level. THEY COME TO MY DOOR! I get to serve their kids, I get to say hi, and our neighborhood has fun! When you put together the thought of making memories with my kids and connecting with my community together I would say Halloween rocks! For our team at Grace Community we will never do a Halloween event because we want to release families to make memories and serve their community on that night of the year. Sure one day we may do a rocking pre-Halloween event but not on the 31st! The opportunity for our families is just too GREAT!