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You may have heard but Ed Young, pastor of Fellowship Church in Dallas TX (Grapevine actually) gave his church the greatest or maybe oddest challenge I have ever heard. This is amazing…he challenged all the married couples at Fellowship to have sex for the next seven days in an effort to improve marriages. DUDE I have been challenged to do tons of things at church but never to have sex. The sex challenge…I been told to wait but UH OH this is new. JUST AMAZING…I am married, love my wife, think it is a better challenge than lots of others I have heard but in response you have to read this post from my friend Matthew Paul Turner…GREAT POST…enjoy the read, this is priceless! Just to clarify, God created marriage, and sex, and His plan is the best. I hate the church has not helped people understand His plan! Anyway, enjoy Matthew Paul Turner’s post!