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Every child becomes a teen and at some point those teens begin to pull away from Mom and Dad. It’s in that moment when every parent begins to pray that other adults will help them guide their teen through the maze of middle and high school. When parents widen the circle for their teens they have a better shot of discovering some other adults who are the saying and praying the same thing they say at home. When you build your student or children’s ministry around small group relationships you have have a better shot of partnering with families!

As small group leaders we can help parents widen the circle! We can connect with the parents of the kids in our groups. We can pray for the parents of the kids in our group. Small group leaders can say the same things parents say and many times teens will HEAR IT! Here are some ideas about the small group / parents connection I got from Kevin Ragsdale a few years ago at the Orange Conference. Small group leaders can support parents when…

  1. Small group leaders make themselves available when parents need answers, support, and guidance! Trust can be formed over time.
  2. Small Group leaders can help their group’s parents connect with other parents relationally!
  3. Small group leaders can help parents by NOT TAKING SIDES and helping their teens see the value in their mom and dad.
  4. Small group leaders can help teens to take the first step toward their parents and not always answer all the questions.
  5. Small group leaders can inspire parents by LIVING AUTHENTICALLY and caring for the kids in their group in and out of church.
  6. Small group leaders can help families create a rhythm by SHOWING UP and being regular at church and connecting with kids outside of church in community activities.
  7. Small group leaders are the most natural connection to the heart of the family because their whole job is to connect relationally!

How have you seen your small group leaders partner with parents?