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This is an exciting fall for us here at Relevant Student Ministry and Remix is back in just 8 days. Want to talk little each day this week on the blog about some goals we have this year. Some of the ideas we talk about this week are not new to us, they are foundational. Creating community is foundational. Our weekly gathering called REMIX is built around small groups. Yes we do an amazing large group experience. Yes, I love speaking, a great band, lights and video. With that said, the heart of life change each week happens when teens move from the large group into the small group experience with teens and an adult they meet with each week. Following Christ was never meant to be a solo act. Our hope each year is to give teens at remix an adult leader who will live life with them week in and week out. Creating community for teens means we have to give students space to question, dream, speak, think, and laugh TOGETHER. Community, that place where we belong, only happens we teens slow down and come TOGETHER. Our adult leaders and small groups help make the dream of community become reality. When community happens teens actually can invite their friends, they can be real, they can share their heart! When community happens God begins t0 revolutionize lives! Is it messy? YES! Is it worth it? YES!