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At Relevant we believe that we reach out to others through natural relationships. We will only grow if teens invite other friends and then we have the chance to invest in those relationships. People invite others to environments they are excited about and we are so thankful for how Remix has grown and expanded the past 2 years. This year we are praying teens will keep inviting their friends and we are looking at other ways to expand our effort to reach teens here in Clarksville.

Another way we want to expand is to partner with other ministries and churches. This year we are embarking on a partnership that we hope will take Relevant and our strategy to another part of our city. This fall Relevant Student Ministry @ oneChurch ( launches along with another Remix venue targeted at the exit one area! Yes, can you believe it, we are expanding through a partnership and we are partnering with another church. What unites our 2 churches is strategy and branding. This is a new effort and we are working out all the details, but we are stoked about the potential. Relevant Student Ministry is built around some unique principles that help us to focus on small groups, create engaging environments, partner with parents, and do less for more impact. We want to spin these values forward in our city through strategic partnerships and a multi site mindset. Our hope is students across our city will know that Relevant is not focused on building a group in just a single church but reaching students across our city with the message of Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that Relevant Student Ministry will continue to be a movement and not an institution. Look for more info about this partnership on!!