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My first post since getting back from vacation. Being away from the normal grind helps me to look back and reflect on life, family, ministry, and the future. I cherish vacation time with my family and I wonder why so many leaders out there tend to not use their vacation time. When we skip out on time off we hurt our ministries, our families, and ourselves! Every week God tells us to take a day of rest but I believe with the pace most of us run, time away from work is a big deal if we want to lead with health for the long haul. However many vacation days you have…USE THEM! For what? To hang out with your family…go on a mission trip…get away and do some writing…play golf…work around the house…take a trip…build a boat…It really does not matter as long as you get away from your normal routine. Some of my best family memories have come on vacations both when I was growing up and now as a parent. There is just something amazing about the adventure of getting away with my wife and kids. When I take the time to get away and take a break from the demands of planning, producing, emailing, meeting…I LEARN TO TRUST GOD. Time away forces me to let go for a little while and refocus on what really matters in life and ministry. Make sure you make taking TIME OUT a major priority.