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Taking a timeout this weekend. My mother in-law is hanging out with our little girls and Chelsea and I are going to spend a few nights in Gatlinburg. Yes, TIMEOUT. For my I define a life TIMEOUT as taking time to get out of our routine in order to slow down long enough to enjoy life, rest, process, and refuel. Taking time away allows me to trust the team I work with at GCC and let go of ministry for a few days. GCC will be just fine without me! I hate being away from folks I love but I know I need time away and guess what…you need time away from your ministry (or job, whatever you call it)! Here are some of my timeout thoughts…

  • If you say you do not need TIMEOUT moments you are already in trouble! People who brag about not taking timeouts are in trouble, stay away from them and the organizations they lead.
  • TIMEOUT moments have to happen every week…they are called days off, yes you need them. If you cannot do your work in a 40-60 hour 5 to 6 day work week then your work life is out of control. You need real days off. Read the Bible and learn about that sabbath idea God had.
  • You can take TIMEOUTS without being away from work. Just get out of your routine. A change of environment can be great! Go to the library, a coffee shop, the park…just change the flow!
  • Use your vacation…ALL OF IT. Even if you just stay home and work on other projects take the time. You will not regret it.
  • Use TIMEOUT moments to get around people who refresh you! I love time away with my wife and kids. I also love going on vacations with my extended family and friends. It is fun and it helps me see clearly what matters.
  • Use conference time to take a TIMEOUT. Go places that inspire you and challenge you to rethink life and ministry.

Take it from someone who loves to work and presses to get the most out of every work week. YOU NEED TO TAKE PLANNED TIME OFF. Be courageous and take a TIMEOUT! we know you are a big deal but it is all going to be OK while you are OUT! So here goes my TIMEOUT for the weekend, see ya Monday.