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Just got an email from a good friend from Virginia. The past year has been hell for his family because they have had to experience the pain of watching their little girl, now a teen, struggle with cutting and signs of an eating disorder. I know this family, love them so much. They are a great family and this young lady is a beautiful young woman with an incredible future ahead. This season in her life has been terrible and the same story is being played out in every city, across America. To Write Love on He Arms is an organization facing the pain of depression, eating disorders, drug abuse, and cutting that so many people are trapped in. This is a difficult issue and most of us do not want to face it until it hits someone we love. I was just reminded today that this is real. Please be aware, and be ready to be there for a friend or family that feels trapped. Go check out this organization and see the work they are doing. Please if you go visit the site know that these guys are in the middle of helping people try to find healing. Some of the stories are raw and difficult to understand. Just want you to be aware. If you are reading this and this is your story and you feel trapped please know you are not alone!

I am thankful for the work TWLOHA is doing. Thanks for running into the darkness and bringing light and hope!