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Ok, today is my 32 birthday and I was a great day considering I am another year older. really I was blown away with so many messages on facebook and texts and calls from family. It was wild. Thanks to so many of you who wished me a great day. Just a few things tat stood out today in a random list…

1. Kozbi made me a sweet book about soccer for my birthday!
2. Chelsea gave me a great present – tickets and a night out to my choice of concert in 2008! I am stoked. She wanted to send me to austin city limits but it is on Operation serve weekend this year.
3. Ron Edmonton and Anne Loy made me cupcakes and surprised me at staff meeting…wow.
4. Brandon Reed sent my my favorite kind of box in the world…a book from amazon!!! I am addicted to those boxes!
5. To top it off got a dinner at my favorite Mexican place…manzanillos!!!! and they sang happy b-day in spanish!!

Great day! Here comes year 33…