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Orange Week_edited-1

This week bloggers all across the country have been processing the orange strategy online and I wanted to gather my favorite 10 posts from the week. I also want to give away an incredible book called Leading Change Without Losing It by my friend Carey Nieuwhof. This is a must read for every church leader and all you have to do to win a copy is leave a quick comment here and I will draw a name to win this coming Monday. Here are the top 10 posts from this Orange week from some incredible leaders…

  1. Partnering With Parents in Youth Ministry by Ben Read
  2. What is Orange? CULTURE by Elle Campbell
  3. My Kids Heard About WHAT at Church? by Jenny Funderburke
  4. It’s Hard to Get to Church Sometimes by Jonathan Cliff
  5. Why I’m Looking Forward to Orange 2013 by Nick Blevins
  6. A Strategy That Works by Tom Pounder
  7. Helping Boys Understand What Makes a Man by Sam Luce
  8. Want to Grow Your Youth Ministry? Invest in Children’s Ministry by Ben Kerns
  9. My Game Changing Story by Henry Zonio
  10. Success in Children’s Ministry by Matt Norman

Go read those posts and leave a comment here to have a chance to win Leading Change Without Losing It!