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Blogging from Charlotte, NC and about to get my rental car from HERTZ of course and head to Anderson, SC to check out the student ministry at New Spring Church and then go to the Unleash Conference on Thursday. Could not hit a student ministry conference this year so I decided to try a short conference and connect with some leaders in action to watch, listen and learn. I love to see what God is up to around the country and I am very excited about meeting the student ministry team at New Spring. If you get a chance to check out the web site and check out the some of their services online. Perry Noble is the lead pastor at New Spring…some of you love him and some of you hate him. If ya hate Perry, please do not use my blog or facebook to bash a pastor. Perry is innovative and his church is reaching people for Christ each week. Perry has a great blog you might want to check out also at! Should be a fun 2 days, will have some pics an thoughts from the student ministry up tonight RIGHT HERE.