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Every volunteer on our team needs to be doing significant things. Volunteers need to know what what they do matters and if they are not on our team they will be missed. Our family ministry team is on a mission right now to empower our volunteers like never before. We believe that every volunteer that buys into our mission is helping to advance the kingdom of God. We believe that kids and teens need loving adult mentors in their lives. We believe that people grow the most spiritually when they serve. Because of that we are trying to make sure every volunteer on our team is doing significant things by…

  • Elevating team leaders // We are trying to empower more volunteers to function like staff on our team. We have even asked some people to step into new roles who did not because it seemed like to big a role for them right now. High impact volunteers need high impact roles! We are elevating many volunteers into new roles of leadership and I am so grateful for each of them.
  • Communicating clear expectations // This has been big this year. We have tried to communicate clearly what we expect of every volunteer so they know how to succeed. Volunteers have to know what we need from them…they need the win defined for their role.
  • Adding, adding, then adding some more // We want to add more volunteers than ever before. What we are learning is that we have to recruit, train, and then recruit some more. In a growing community like ours you can never have enough volunteer power. We have learned that we simly need more volunteers if we are going to be better at what we do.
  • Listening and improving // We want our volunteers to be shaping our environments and tweaking our methods. Yep, volunteers have some amazing ideas if we will just listen and then improve.