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We are so stoked…we have a contract on our house in VA. We signed a contract on Thursday with a young couple who is buying their first house and we could not be more excited. Our prayer was that God would bring the right person who needed our house. The housing market in Chesapeake is basically terrible…OVERPRICED is the name of the game. Everything on the East Coast is overpriced but that is another story. Our house and neighborhood were a blessing to Chelsea and I when we moved to VA and we thought it would still be a great place for people moving into the area. God brought that person our way and we are so thankful! Thanks for all who prayed…we will be closing in just a few weeks and this part of the adventure will be over.

Kids Update – Koz and kelyn are sharing a bedroom! It is working so well. Tonight, Kelyn would not go down until Koz was in her bed so she could see her. They like sharing…they are also loving the bonus room with THEIR TV and THEIR toys, it is so sweet to see. You would also not believe our neighborhood, we have a street full of people with preschoolers and grade school kids! They play outside everyday…it is wild!