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We started a new series here at GCC this Sunday called EPIC. For the next several weeks we are literally going to dive into the story of God. His story is amazing and it is weaved all through the Bible. So many of my friends need this (well, I need it to!) because somewhere between reading Deuteronomy and the Gospel of John the entire story just does not make sense. This amazing story is the redemption of mankind, the hope of the world and yet we struggle to find our place in the story. I am hoping in the next few weeks all of us at GCC can see clearly what God has been doing and is doing in the world around us and that we understand the role we play in this amazing story. You can catch up on this week if you missed it at ( Some other STUFF that came up over the weekend…

  • Tore down my jacked up trampoline this weekend and Kelyn helped! Kelyn loved to help. She loves to be right in the middle of the action. So glad it is done but I am REALLY ready to go get the girls a new one. This time I will make sure and secure it to protect it from the wind!
  • Got to play golf this weekend with some great golfers! They each shot a 75 I eeeeeked out a 91! HA! Nothing like that to make you feel like a golf slacker. It was fun and I still so love the game. Join me in my golf addiction!
  • My girls love Dunbar Cave State Park. Got to take them to feed the ducks and crawl around the entrance to Dunbar Cave Saturday. THEY LOVED IT and I loved my time with them. it was just a dad/daughter date and we had a great time.
  • It was so fun to be the storyteller in Cross Street this week with our K-5th grade kids. There is nothing cooler than the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. WOW…that is crazy.
  • In community group we are all sharing our stories…CAN YOU SAY AMAZING. It is so incredible to hear how God has worked in each others lives and be able to honestly share where we are now. POWERFUL stuff!
  • My wife is AMAZING…nothing else really to say, she is amazing!
  • This week I get to work on our upcoming retreat for relevant student ministry and Cross Street Live going down Sunday night. Hitting a conference this week to but will blog about that later. IT IS GOING TO BE A BUSY WEEK, so thankful for a restful weekend to help me get ready for it!