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The power of the mac, that is where that pic came from…yea, this is my little brother Adam and I from Atalanta this past weekend. we had the chance to go to the Sundays at North Point conference, a 2 day experience where we got to see the environments at NPCC and got to meet with staff and talk about the ministry flow at the church. Great weekend, great experience to see the church up close. North Point has been so influential in my life, and seeing it up close did not disappoint. Adam and I both learned so much but what I took away from the weekend was seeing how far God has allowed GCC to come with family ministry in Clarksville. We have been putting new methods of family ministry into action in Clarksville for the past 2 years and so much we discovered though the team at NPCC. Really I am just proud of our volunteers, our staff, and the GCC church family for all the work over the past 2 years. As i watched the North Point team go for it Sunday I was thrilled to think that back in Clarksville our team was going for it with the same passion. I am thrilled with the difference God has allowed us to make so far and I am so excited to see what is next for our team. Lets dream big, trust God, and go for it!

Last week, Chelsea and I painted and finished Kelyn’s BIG GIRL BED. yes both my girls are now sleeping in their own bed and it is so cool. yea, I know we are moving out of baby stage, but man we are thrilled. we have loved our girls as baby BUT man it is sweet to see them both grow and play together also. Both beds were beds that my brothers and I had when we were kids. Love my girls and so glad we could pass the beds down to them.

This is a big week at GCC, Daniel Doss released his CD today, yea it was on Itunes and in stores! Daniel is a great friend and he leads us each week at GCC. I am so thrilled that God has given him this chance to lead others in worship of Jesus Christ. Go out and get that CD!