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1. the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.

Character is something every leader has to continually “work on.” It is always in motion, always being developed and always needs to be monitored. Sometimes we get a little insight from the people around us about our character. In those moments we have to decide what we are going to do. We can ignore the teachable moment or we can GET TO WORK on our character.

A few years ago in our staff meeting I got a little teachable character moment handed to me. I am pretty passionate, I think quickly, and I am ready to throw out my ideas quickly. Before someone was going to throw out an idea they looked my way and said…this is just an idea don’t go crazy. Passion is a good thing but when I have to be warned to slow down and process maybe I need to work on the old listening skills! Really the team I lead already knows this…I need to listen and process better before I respond. They know it and I needed to be reminded that I need to develop that trait in my character (the aggregate of features and traits that form ME). That moment got me thinking about what I can do to keep working on my CHARACTER…

  • I need to make sure I have people in my life who will confront me when I am wrong or just off track. I also need to be willing to be that for others around me.
  • I need to keep learning, reading, and listening. I will never arrive!
  • I need to admit when I am wrong and move in a new direction. Repentance is a continual process of spiritual growth.
  • I need to maintain my time spent with God. Staying in scripture and spending time in prayer matter. God wants to shape my character more than anyone!
  • I need to make sure I am being consistent at home, with friends, and at work. Character that counts is about consistency.
  • I need to always take responsibility. I am responsible for my character…there is no room for blame.

What are you doing to work on your character? Don’t settle…work on it!