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Hang out with a group of children’s, student, or college pastors for a while and at some point someone will bring up the topic of their senior pastor. What’s discouraging is that most of the time when the issue is brought up feelings of frustration are revealed next. For many next generation leaders there is a disconnect between them and their senior pastors. There usually is a long list of things next generation leaders wish their pastor would start doing. Yea, that’s normal but what if we took some time to work on the relationship instead of always complaining about it. I have had the joy of working with some amazing lead pastors and here are 7 things your pastor needs from you if you are going to have a healthy relationship…

  1. Support of the bigger vision // Your pastor needs you to be as passionate about your church’s vision and mission as you are about your ministry’s vision and mission. You are on a team. Support your team!
  2. Prayer // The level that you pray for your pastor will be a prime indicator in the health of your relationship with them. There is not a day that goes by that you don’t need to surround your pastor with prayers for protection and wisdom.
  3. Shared Creativity // Next Generation leaders are some of the most creative and talented people on the planet. Be willing to share that creativity with your senior pastor to help your church become a better church.
  4. Stories of life change // Your senior pastor needs to hear how God is working in the ministry you lead. Share and share often. Senior pastors get enough complaints and things to worry about. Make your ministry a place of encouragement for them.
  5. Important information // Keep your senior pastor in the loop about important moves in your ministry. Make sure they stay informed.
  6. Consistent support and encouragement // Make sure you are a building a relationship of trust with your pastor. Stand up for your senior pastor. Encourage your senior pastor.
  7. Visionary and reliable leadership // Do your job and do it well. The best gift you can give your senior pastor is a reliable ministry area that is making a difference.