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What do I upgrade in my ministry setting? Here is another question…When do I implement upgrades? An upgrade is any adjustment (addition or subtraction) that will make your environment function better. The team at Apple is constantly adding things and taking things away from their products to help them function better. I am amazed by the effort they put into this process and honestly it is the reason more and more people are choosing to buy their products. Their team has done everything possible to maximize the performance of their products. We can do the same things with our ministry environments. Here are a few areas that can help us with the what and when questions of implementing upgrades…

  • What needs to be added? >> make a list and don’t hold back…what needs to be added to help your ministry connect with more people. When I think about additions I break them down into a “right now” and a “down the road” list. When you make a list you can start prioritizing your additions and you can track your progress. You need to know every year what you upgraded and you should always know what is coming down the road.
  • What needs to be subtracted?>> there are always things that need to be killed. Every idea and strategy has a shelf life and when it gets old and stale some things have to go. If you create a culture of experimentation you really will have to kill things often. We try new things all the time here so we have to stop doing things often. Some of our greatest upgrades have come from subtraction.
  • What is the best timing? >> timing is everything when it comes to upgrades. Budgeting, planning, and implementation all guide in timing. Additions and subtractions have to be set in the proper timing sequence. We have things we want to add and stop right now but we are waiting till summer. Timing is critical.
  • Who do I need on the team to implement this upgrade? >> getting the right people involved in your ministry will help you make needed upgrades. Ministry is about people. Sometimes the best upgrades come through leaders who understand the mission and vision of your ministry. Who do you need on your team (or off your team) to make your next upgrade?