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Who do you work with? Most of us work and most of of spend most of our time with people at work. The sad fact is that most people do not like the people they work with and spend each day hoping the clock will hit 5 and the weekend comes quick. Obviously my post about Ben Reed littering was a joke. Yes, I deserved that trash bag on my truck, yes I put pizza boxes in his truck, yes it was fun. I love the team I work with at Grace Community. When you believe in the organization you work for, and you have great relationship with the team around you…WORK IS MUCH BETTER! For the past several years at several churches I have had the privilege of working with people I love. Steve Griffith, Dick Baker, Phillip Herring, Gail Motley, Debbie Hoffius, Brandon Reed, Eric Thomas, Steve Harper, Leland Parks, Jay Albritton, Shawn Lowery are just a few (had to cut the list off here sorry to my other work friends!) We did ministry together and we connected as friends. WORKING WITH PEOPLE YOU ACTUALLY HAVE FRIENDSHIPS WITH MATTERS! It makes work so much more meaningful!

I know you can not change this overnight but you can start working toward being in an organization with people you love and respect. DO NOT SETTLE! Sure there will always be struggles with people you work with but you can have relationships of significance as you work, plan, build, tear down, TOGETHER. So, who do yo work with?

Grace Community team…love doing life with all of you!