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We are not huge Olympic watchers but we have recorded some of the swimming and gymnastics for Koz to watch. This morning we were watching swimming and some preliminary rounds and one of the American swimmers got beat by a girl from France. I came back in the room and Koz was mad, really mad. She proceeded to tell me, “the girl from France won, I DO NOT LIKE FRANCE!” All I could muster as I laughed was. “who does?”

Chelsea and I have gotten pulled back into watching the games. It has been incredible to watch Michael Phelps dominate. The entire USA swim team is amazing. Hoping the basketball team can keep it up and bring the gold back. Now back to the girls, they really like watching it. Kelyn thinks she is a gymnast and just keeps running around the room jumping and falling. Kozbi is going to take gymnastics this fall so she is pumped.

Looking forward to week 2 of the Compass series at Grace and our new series in REMIX called IF ONLY. Good stuff coming this weekend and next Wednesday.