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After 495 posts I can officially say…I am a blogger. I looked back today and realized that I have made blogging a regular part of my life. This ( is my online web journal. I started doing this as a simple way to talk about ministry, my family, things I wanted to remember. I still have that same passion but I also love getting to write out my thoughts about leadership and the church. After 495 posts since December 2006 this is why I keep blogging and thanks to Ron, Anne, Pete, Ben, Tony, Terrace, and Michael for making me a better blogger as I followed your blogs.

  • Share – I really hope to pass ideas along to others. Parenting, leadership, ministry ideas, all that stuff…I just want to share that in an open format.
  • Invest – I really feel like this is one way to invest in other leaders around the country. I have been so blessed by so many other leaders who have invested in my life from a distance through books and blogs. This is my way to pay it forward.
  • Family – I really like talking about my family and hey this is my blog so I get to do that! I also want my kids to be able to look back and read what I was thinking about in 2006,7,8,9…you get the point.
  • Expand – blogging is one way to take a conversation on Twitter or Facebook to a different level.
  • Vent / Challenge – ya know, sometimes you just have to get stuff off your chest. BLOG ON BAYNE!
  • Laugh – I really like YouTube! I really like to laugh…
  • Inform – I use my blog to talk about things God is allowing us to do at Grace Community Church and Relevant

There you have it…WHY I BLOG! Why do you blog, why not? If you start one get ready to make it a part of your life or just pass on it and do not worry about having one. This is post 496…stoked to see what the next 496 look like!