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Our monthly family experience is one of the favorite things we get to do at Grace Community Church. There is nothing like seeing kids and parents come together once a month to worship. This month we are experimenting with our time for Cross Street Live by moving our family meal to 12:30 (right after the 11:30 service at GCC) and CSL to 1:30. Why moves times? That is a good question! Here is what we are thinking…

  • We don’t want to distract from Sunday night Community Groups! // many of our moms and dads have community group on Sundays and we hate to distract them from their normal time of connecting with their group. It is difficult to miss group once a month so we are trying to make it flow better each month for your family.
  • Afternoon CSL helps families not have to have kids out late on a school night!
  • Sunday afternoon STUFF is pretty normal. // Parents make time to go to birthday parties and the park, why not a family experience in the afternoon?
  • CSL is primarily designed for kids K-5…not many of these kids are napping. // For those of you who have preschoolers also try sending one parent with the older kids and one parent rest with the preschooler. We always welcome our younger friends but the environment is for k-5 kids.
  • We want to reach as many families as possible! // This is an experiment to see if we can get more families to this experience. From all of us who share CSL with our kids each month, we promise this will be a blessing to your family. For all of you who attend our 8:30 or 10 Am service…feel free to grab lunch as a family on your own and come to CSL at 1:30.
  • Laughing, Learning, and Worshiping God with your kid is so important! // I know this is a new concept for many of you, but a family experience can open up so many avenues for significant conversation with your child. This matters and we hope you family will try it out! We promise to make each month’s experience worth your time!

At least you know what we were thinking, THANKS IN ADVANCE for those of you who have been coming to CSL and loving the night format. Give this a shot with us and lets see if we can make a bigger impact in families here in Clarksville. For more info check out