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Why ask teens to serve on Sunday…THEY ARE READY TO SERVE! We do not have a teen environment on Sunday because teens at our church serve and go to the Sunday gathering with their families. Sunday morning is our “family environment” for teens and parents of teens. This is one time of the week where teens can worship with their families and serve with their families. Our hope for every teen is that they serve and become a vital part of the local church. If teens learn what it means to serve now they will find their place in church. Teens gain a voice in our church through serving others! When students serve they move away from church consumerism and toward becoming part of the movement of God. Why should we ask teens to sit in class and listen to another mini-sermon from another teacher when that hour could be used serving preschooler, kids, running lights, greeting, or leading worship? Who decided that teens had to wait to serve? We have decided the best thing for teens on Sunday is to become a vital part of the church…is that not want we want when they move on to college?