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We can all talk about reasons we have for leaving the ministry/church we lead! Come on, be honest…you know there are things that drive you crazy about your position. Many times when we talk about finding the right environment to serve in we talk about moving to a new place and starting over.

There is another option that I want to throw out for you to think about. Here it is…STAY. Yes, stay right where you are at and work to courageously lead your organization from your leadership position toward health. What is the worst thing that could happen? You could get fired for trying to lead with passion. That is a great way to loose your job! So with that said, here some reasons to stay and serve right where God has you…

  • Trust is earned  // When you prove to your organization you are in for the long haul people listen. The more trust you have from those you lead the more risks you get to take in leading strong.
  • Relationships matter // We are in the relationship business. Developing significant relationships in your community and your church takes time. When you stay you get to continue to invest in those relationships.
  • The grass is not greener // If you cannot lead with contentment where you are stop looking for the next position right now. The next position you have will not be the perfect position, it will be a job with many of the same challenges you face just in a different context. Find contentment and passion serving where you are at before you move to that next role.
  • Responsibility // Have you accomplished what you said you needed to accomplish in your current role? Why not stay and finish? Do what you said you were going to do, and yep if you get fired you get fired finishing strong!
  • Family // A stable home life for your kids and your wife is a big deal. Jesus never called us to climb a ministry ladder, he called us to follow him. Maybe it’s not Jesus calling you to that next church but rather the title, raise, or bigger ministry budget. If your wife and kids are not in sync with a move maybe you should stay.
  • The voice of God // Has God given you direction to invest your life in your current city or church? If he has and trust God and stay. You serve God. Obey God.

I have had each of these STAY factors play out in my time of serving churches. I have had times when I had to just obey God, earn trust, value relationships, and STAY. Some of my greatest mentors in ministry have been people who have made the choice to stay and serve for the long haul. Thanks to all of you who are setting that example. It matters!

There will come a time when you know it’s time to leave but before you do why not slow down and process all the reasons you have the STAY!