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We launched our small groups at REMIX (our weekly gathering for teens) and it was an amazing night. 20 adult leaders stepped up this year to be small group leaders. I believe with all of my heart that the small group element of our weekly gathering is where life change takes place. I feel the community aspect of group moves our weekly event from seeking attenders to engaging participants. Small groups allow us to say to every teen, every week…YOUR VOICE MATTERS, YOU BEING HERE MATTERS, YOU BELONG HERE. Sure we still have our gathering with the band, the lights, the video, and teaching time but all of those elements drive our teens toward relationships in small group at the end of the night. Small groups…

  • provide students a significant mentoring relationship in their life through our group leaders
  • allow time for teens to TALK BACK, to express what they think about the message, their questions, their hope, and their doubt!
  • enable us to empower many student leaders instead of just one or two from the stage
  • make it possible to do small events that make a huge relational impact in a teens life NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE GROW AS A MINISTRY! a small group of 9 can do or go just about anywhere, try that same event with 200! (bowling, movies, concert, camping…ya know)
  • ensure we can stay connected with kids on a weekly basis
  • discover students that want to be discipled on a deeper level
  • provide another adult leader who parents can know is spiritually investing in their child! Parents can know there is another adult out there that will care about their teen growing in their faith and will be a stable presence in a chaotic season of life.

Small groups matter for us at Relevant Student Ministry. I am so thankful we get to do more than just provide a gathering for teens in Clarksville. We have the chance to help teens discover that they were made for community. Following Christ is meant to be lived out in the midst of significant relationships with others. Thanks to our small group leaders who are going to pour their life into teens at REMIX. Small group leaders…what you do matters!