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Passion 2013I am spending a few days at a gathering of young leaders at a conference called Passion. By a few I mean 60,000 and this week with college students and high school seniors always breathes hope into my soul for how God is working through this generation. I know when you watch the news and you hear research about this generation you may wonder what God is doing but from my perspective the future of the Kingdom of God is brighter than ever. God is raising up a generation of young leaders who will lead the church into new places and new adventures in the years to come. Here are 8 reasons I feel you can trust God is working in this generation and why you should believe better days are ahead for the church around the world. This is why you should believe…

  1. Advance Risky Ideas / This generation is not afraid to get their hands dirty and do the hard work that needs to be done for the Kingdom of God. Over and over I am hearing this generation ready to face the risk of the Kingdom of God.
  2. Less Jaded / This generation has been invested in by the church and many of them are simply not as jaded as many older leaders. (By older I mean you and I reading this!)
  3. Exponential Influence / When this generation adopts a cause or a movement it carries weight and the world watches. This generation of young leaders knows how to leverage their voice for the Kingdom and people pay attention.
  4. Smarter / Sit down and talk with this generation of college and high school students and you will soon discover God has blessed them with intelligence that is sometimes shocking.
  5. Wider Perspective / This generation already things globally!
  6. Values Team / This generation wants to work together not alone.
  7. Ready to be Challenged / This generation is ready for someone to point them in the right direction and challenge the process.
  8. Broken but Resilient / This generation has been lied too, pushed, scarred, hurt, and stressed out but they are resilient. They are tested and ready for the challenge to come.

What are you seeing in this generation that gives you hope?