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Everybody needs people around them they can trust. When you trust the people on your staff, on your volunteer team, that you contract work to, ministry just goes so much smoother! Believe me, there is nothing like a lack of trust to bring STRESS. Leading a student ministry is crazy enough and you need people on your team you trust if you are going to make an impact. So here are a few KEY trusting relationships you need…

  • Volunteers >> OK this seems like a NO-BRAINER but we all know that we tolerate people on our team who have proven to be untrustworthy. Many times we keep these volunteers on the team because it will cost us to ask them to leave. We have to be able to trust our volunteers and our volunteers need to be able to trust us as we lead. You will empower volunteers in a different way when you trust them! Make sure you have volunteers around you that you trust.
  • Staff / church leadership >> Having leadership that you trust and leadership that trusts you is so important. Trust with staff is a two way street so make sure and work hard to build the trust factor in your ministry.
  • Worship Leader and Band >> Worship leadership is so important. Students learn theology through what they sing, and worship leadership takes that to another level. When you trust the team leading worship each week you are able to plan your environment with confidence.
  • Graphic Designer >> we have been blessed with several designers we contract with and they make us look GOOD. Really, find a few people you trust and contract with them for graphic work. Really can do ministry or spend all day designing your next logo. Let the pro’s do that!
  • Curriculum Partnership>> You can purchase curriculum from so many companies but when you buy any old curriculum you end up questioning motives rather than trusting. You need an partnership. We partner with ministry called XP3. Check them out.
  • T-shirt Company >> come on, you know youth pastors LOVE t-shirts. Find a company who can deliver and go with them. We love Active Screen Graphics…why…because they deliver and we trust them!
  • Project Specialists >> You need a partner you can call and ask…how do we do that banner, make that backdrop, create that sign, make this card, produce this book. Sometimes it’s just time to call the people who can problem solve and then spend the money to get the problem solved right. That team for us is MediaWorks. Check them out if you have a big (or small) project and you just need HELP making it happen.

You also need a Pizza company that will hook you up! This is youth ministry!